When you book a trip with ebro monsterhunt, you might wonder what to expect at sertain times of the year and what time of the season that will suit your style of fishing the most! Down below we made a guide of the diffrent season you will encouter here on the river ebro in spain. Please be aware that this is only a guideline and fishing concitions vary according to wheater conditions. No matter what time of the year you choose to come we assure that you will have a great fishing experience with us!

Winter – (December, January, Febuary)
The wheater is cooling down, with cold nights but you can still have lovely temperatures during the days pushing up to 20 degrese. The river normaly takes on a bit more colour and rises slightly. This is one of the best times if you want to catch a massive carp, althoug catfishing is still possible with less action but bigger fish. This is our favourite time for carpfishing!

Spring – (March, April, May)
During march the wheather is still cool, with sometimes strong winds. The catfish starts to feed more heavily and you can be rewarded with some very big fish. The carpfishing is still very good. In april the wheater starts to warm up with higher temperatures, but with the odd showers. Both carp and catfishing is very good. In the beginning of may the catfish normaly spawn, depending on the water temperature. During this time the catfishing might be a bit more tricky but still good catches of both cat and carp. After spawning the fish really gets on the feed, with rising temperature the water levels will alsoe come up.

Summer – (June, July, August)
The warmest months of the year, with steady temperatures around 30degrese. This is the best time of the year if you fancy having lots of action for catfish! Dubbel and tripple bites are common! And you can expect some great action in the spanish sunshine!

Autumn – (September, October, November)
The nights gets cooler, and the water temperature drops. But still with some lovely wheater during the day. With droping temperatures the action slows down, but the bigger fish starts to come on the feed again. Some great months for both cat and carpfishing!