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Welcome to Ebro Monster Hunt

If you are a serious and well-seasoned angler we will help you put the last pieces in place and for the total novice, more intensive help is readily available.

Ebro Monster Hunt has something for everyone and we do our best to suit your needs. Our mission is to help you catch big fish and at the same time ensure you have a great vacation where you don’t need to work too hard. Relax and catch some nice fish in great surroundings!

Pontus Ingvarsson

Pontus Ingvarsson


Pontus Ingvarson is a very experienced Europeanfishingguide, he has all round knowledge but catfish and carp are his specialty. Pontus have been fishing and guiding anglers on the River Ebro for about nine years now and his knowledge of the river will help you to get the most from your visit.

He lives just minutes from the river ,so he will always know where and when you have the best chances of success! You can expect some excellent guiding from him! Speaking English, Swedish and Spanish he will take good care of you on the river!

+34 632695975

What our clients say about us

  • During the whole week he gives 110 percent! Ive been fishing all around the world and never found a  better guide.

    Jan Teuchler, Sweden
  • I avslappende atmosfære ved bredden av Ebro gir Pontus 100% for en uforglemmelig opplevelse. Særdeles kompetent guide som anbefales.
    Jonatan Haga
  • Vi har fiskat på olika platser runt om i världen i 30 års tid och haft både bra och mindre bra guider under åren. Pontus är en av de bästa guider vi stött på, hans engagemang i fisket är alltid 100% och han ser alltid till du som fiskare får ut max av ditt äventyr. Om du vill vara säker på att få ett lyckat fiske i Ebro ska du se till att få Pontus som Guide hans kunskaper om Ebro och fisket där är en garanti för ditt livs upplevelse då det gäller Mal och Karp fiske.
    Peter Sommansson
  • Wheter you are intressted in cat or carpfishing, i can highly recommend a trip to the ebro, especially with Pontus as a guide. This type of fishing is suitable for most people and Pontus is in good touch with the fishing, language and the region. In addition the nice "swede" is a very good fisherman.

    Kevin Möller, Sweden
  • Pontus ingvarsson, explained the way we had to catfish and with success! It was an amazing holiday thanks

    Robert Bredewoud, Holland
  • Very helpfull and knows all about the best tactics and methods for catfishing. Would recommend him to anyone, the best fishing guide i know.

    Tiete Heinrich, Belgium